How to Make Shredded Dry Beef Spicy And Delicious

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Abon is one food that is often used as a side dish practical when there is no any side dish. These foods although included in fastfood but the fiber content in it is very good for the body because the material is made of animal is a cow or chicken. If seen shredded form was almost the same as the form of cotton, fibrous and very light.

Abon has a dark brown color and there is also light, depending on how much soy sauce that is poured while making shredded.  Although shredded created as fast food, but shredded it does not have any preservatives. Shredded one of the most often made and much preferred that shredded beef. Well, for those of you who kepengen know how to make shredded beef, you can prepare all the necessary ingredients below.

Materials for creating abon:

    beef with a good quality 2 kg
    thick coconut milk 2 eggs 2 cups coconut
    5 cloves garlic
    4 tablespoons coriander
    brown sugar, to taste
    bay leaves 5 pieces
    galangal 5 cm,
    salt to taste

The process of how to make a tasty shredded beef:

    The first step you need to prepare all the ingredients that have been mentioned above
    Then boiled beef that has been selected, by giving galangal salt and bay leaves until tender. When boiling the meat, make sure the boiling water first, then the meat just inserted.
    After the beef is tender, the envy of the meat into thin shape, and at the penggempuk tool so that the meat becomes thin and bruises.
    After the meat tips dna be bruising, suir-suir meat with a subtle form
    Suapkan the blended seasonings such as coriander, garlic, salt and brown sugar
    Prepare a pot to heat the milk. After the milk is hot, put the beef that has been disuir-suir, spice paste, stirring, stirring so that beef and seasoning mix.
    Keep stirring until the coconut milk batter beef and beef began to run dry. When the meat is dry milk dna began to run out, reduce the heat and continue to stir shredded so that it does not stick and burn.
    Still continue stirring until completely dry shredded and can be durable.
    If you want to taste more spicy shredded, you can add chili to taste so it feels a little more spicy.
    Once completely dry and tastes good, shredded beef are ripe and ready to be removed.

How can I make shredded beef with recipes above? Very easy is not, you can try the recipe now and taste are shredded that you create successful and you can serve for families. By making shredded yourself at home, surely shredded kejaminan health will remain intact and can be eaten at any time. And if the recipe above abon successfully created, eat resepnyapun may prescribe a mainstay in your home.

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